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Flipkart offers exclusive Student account with Amazing offers for students for free

Flipkart is one of the largest and arguably the most trusted and popular online retailers in India. Flipkart has been launching innovative services like Flipkart First etc which have pleased their customers and helped them fortify their customer base. 
To this today Flipkart has added Flipkart student. Flipkart Student is a special account for students which enables them to access special offers and discounts on products aimed at college students like mobile phones and laptops etc. This service aka account is being offered for free by Flipkart!
Please follow the following steps to get yourself registered as a Flipkart student. Note you need to be a college student to do so.
1. You need to get your college ID (I hope you have not misplaced it LOL) and scan it or take a photo of it with your phone. Make sure your photo and name are clearly visible on the ID card. Save it in JPG format.
2. Now you need to compose a mail to
In this email attach the scanned/photo of your college ID card. Mention your name, mobile number, age and also expected date of graduation aka leaving the college.
3. Once you send this email within three days flipkart will verify your credentials and enable your student account at the given email ID. Please take care to use the same email ID you used to make your flipkart account.
So lets take a look at the benefits offered by the account.
1. Just for signing up you get Rs150 credit for any purchase of above Rs750.
2. You get 5% off on all Best Selling Mobile Phones, yes it also includes MotoG.
3. You also get discounts on laptops.
4. You get discounts on stationery and college use articles.
5. Mobile/Laptop accessories are discounted as well.
6. 50% discount on Flipkart first subscription as well.
Who knows flipkart may also roll out some other cool offers for Students as well.
I have already taken a photo of my college ID card and sent it across, and I am waiting for the confirmation. Do it fast guys, and enjoy the offers. Flipkart really rocks and after this campaign it will endear more students to it, and well they have just tapped the already tapped teenaged customer base.
Good job Flipkart.
You can take a look at the Flipkart students page here:-