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How to remove Yahoo Messenger Worm

Is your messenger sending links to your contacts automatically Smile ? Your machine is worm infected..Cry

W32/Sohanad.B Worm -This Worm is also known as WORM_SOHANAD.B .

This worm propagates via Yahoo! Messenger, AIM, Windows Live Messenger or Windows Messenger by sending an instant message to all the contacts of an active user. This message contains a link to a remote copy of itself. When the recipient clicks the link, a copy of this worm is executed on the recipients' system.

The details of the message sent out by this worm are: (these are some examples but there are few more)

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They are some examples. The better way is don't click on suspicious links coming through yahoo messenger.

More info:

Removing the W32 Sohanad.B Worm Instructions

Here are simple steps following which you can get the worm removed from your system:

Users running Windows ME and XP must disable System Restore to allow full scanning of infected computers.

1) Download this file:
2) Double click on that downloaded registry file, click yes.
3) Restart your system in safe mode.
4) Delete the file svhost32.exe from your Windows folder( If it is present).
5) Delete the file svhost.exe from your Windows folder( If it is present).
6) Search for: ENET.EXE and delete it if found.
7) Restart your machine
8) Check whether the files said in step 4,5,6 still exists or not.

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Update your antivirus regulerly. If you dont have an antivirus you can get it free from
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They are also very good antivirus programs. If you are using a pirated version or cracked version of Symantec or McAfee using these two will be better than that.