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Which Computer Is Better for Remote Work?


Working from home has become even more common because of the ongoing pandemic. Besides, it is difficult to predict when the situation will improve, and we can restore the status quo.

People find remote work to be better for themselves because there is no need to commute to work which gives extra time one can use for rest or hobbies. Besides, you can spend more time with the family.

It is no secret that not everyone will be eager to return to the office and stick to working from home. After all, a reliable internet connection and a computer are virtually all you need to work and stay in touch with your clients and coworkers.

The question is what computer you should choose. There are a couple of options to consider, but it ultimately comes down to operating systems – macOS and Windows. Let’s take a look at what each of the two has to offer in terms of advantages and disadvantages.

When to choose macOS


Starting with hardware sounds like a good plan. It can take a while to assemble a proper personal computer, particularly when you lack the experience. Besides, some parts of a PC you desire may be missing, meaning that you may need to wait.

Meanwhile, a MacBook is a bundle of hardware and software straight from the manufacturer. Instead of comparing separate hardware pieces and struggling to decide, you can compare MacBook models and pick the ones you desire and can afford.

People working creative jobs should appreciate Macs a lot. If you are in the graphic design or art industry, a MacBook is a better option. And it is not just about available software. Individuals need more space to maintain a large work desk infrastructure. This is where Mac’s compact design comes into play.

If you are not a freelancer and have a bunch of colleagues who have other Apple devices like iPads or iPhones, it makes sense to purchase a MacBook. What one can consider an ecosystem between Apple devices functions if everyone involved has macOS and iOS.

Security plays a significant role as well. Since MacBooks are not as popular as Windows computers, hackers do not bother with targeting macOS. Besides, Apple continues to push operating system updates that improve overall computer security. If threats like malware and computer viruses are on your list of worries, that should be another plus for a Mac, given how secure they are.

Finally, the repairs. Mac hardware is quite reliable, and you are less likely to run into potential performance problems. And in case you do, a local Apple customer center will accept the computer and fix it for you.

When to choose Windows


A personal computer has one clear advantage – it costs less to get effective hardware. Even low-end PCs tend to outperform certain MacBook models. For example, some MacBook users face the issue of running out of drive space because of too much temporary clutter, duplicate files, redundant apps, and the overall lack of available disk storage. 

Besides, you pretty much have the freedom to upgrade the hardware if you feel like what you got initially is not enough.

Since PC part manufacturers release new components regularly, old ones go on sale. And if that is an improvement, one can take advantage and upgrade their device without investing too much.

Familiarity may also be something on your mind. If you have been using Windows for a long time, switching to a MacBook may seem like too much of a bother. You will need to spend time readjusting to a new UI, applications, keyboard shortcuts, and other elements that will limit your efficiency while working.

Meanwhile, Windows has not changed that much. Sure, Windows 10 may be different from Windows XP, but the most significant changes include improvements that will not take too long to figure out. As for the rest, the environment should feel familiar and make you comfortable enough to not hesitate and use the PC right away.

Lastly, entertainment. While MacBooks are not that bad if you want to consume media like movies or TV shows, PCs have a larger screen that improves the overall experience. Also, if you are an avid gamer, you will have a much better time playing video games on a PC than on a MacBook.

These little things may not seem like much from a working point of view, but people need some time to entertain themselves and relax after finishing their job. And it is one area where PCs have the edge.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, the final decision comes down to you. Both options have their upsides and downsides. Ideally, you should get first-hand experience by testing both MacBooks and PCs to see which one you would like to have. Or, if you are struggling to make a decision, ask for some recommendations from your friends or coworkers. Their words could come in handy as well.