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Truecaller Partners with Microsoft to Offer Personalized AI Voice Assistant

Truecaller users can now create a digital version of their voice to use within the app’s AI Assistant, thanks to a new partnership between Truecaller and Microsoft announced on May 22.



According to a blog post by Truecaller, the app will use Microsoft Azure AI Speech's new Personal Voice technology. This technology will allow users to have their own voice replicated accurately, making their digital assistant sound just like them. This is different from other digital assistants that typically use generic voices. The feature will be part of the AI Assistant in the Truecaller app, which can automatically answer phone calls, screen calls, take messages, respond on behalf of the user, or record a call for later review.

Raphael Mimoun, Product Director and General Manager at Truecaller Israel, mentioned, “The personal voice feature allows our users to use their own voice, enabling the digital assistant to sound just like them when handling incoming calls.” This means when someone calls you, and the AI Assistant answers, it will sound like you, providing a more personalized experience.

However, Microsoft is controlling access to this new feature. In a separate blog, Microsoft explained that the personal voice feature will have Limited Access. This means it will be available only to people who register and for specific uses. To ensure security and authenticity, Microsoft has added watermarks to the speech output created with the personal voice feature. These watermarks help to identify if the voice is computer-generated.

Microsoft also stated that as the personal voice feature becomes more widely available, they have improved the watermark technology. This updated technology is better at detecting the presence of watermarks. According to Microsoft, the accuracy of Azure AI in detecting watermarks in audio samples generated with personal voice is 99.7%. This is significantly higher compared to detecting watermarks in various audio editing scenarios.

In summary, the new partnership between Truecaller and Microsoft brings an exciting feature to Truecaller users. They can now have their digital assistant sound like them, providing a more personalized and authentic experience when handling calls. However, Microsoft is ensuring the security of this feature by controlling access and using advanced watermarking technology to detect and verify the authenticity of the generated voices. This collaboration highlights the advancements in AI technology and how it can be used to enhance user experiences while maintaining security and authenticity.