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Spam fighting tips when forwarding Email

1. When You forward a mail

a). Remove old headers from the mailing
b). Enter only one address in the to field (if it is neccessary) and all the remaining in blind carbon copy (Bcc) field

There is a possibility that the forward mail will reach a spammer and think if it is a mail which is forwarded more than 10 times with 10 emails in the to field, or CC field, so now he is having 100 email address.

Today i got an email from which i can get more than 200 emails easily, so remember these things when you forward an email

2. Also before you forward mails like virus alerts,help child please verify that, that is not a hoax message.
A hoax is an attempt to trick an audience into believing that something false is real
check it using search engine, there are sites like

For totally understandable (and entirely unacceptable) reasons, spammers rarely send their unsolicited messages using their own email address in the From: field. Not only would this reveal their identity, it would also allow you and the millions of other recipients to write angry replies.

You might post your e-mail address sometimes to a newsgroup, chat room, or bulletin board. But you don't have to post it correctly. The funky term for this is "munging" your address. This means adding a character, number, or symbol (or two) that has to be taken out for your address to work (for example, "casddsarr@miasdfasdfrosft.aacom"). It really throws those automatic "address harvesters" off balance, and they just slink away from whence they came.
but better is you can use disposible email address which is avaliable in yahoo i donno which all email services provide this facility
(if you want to set one disposible email address with yahoo i can help you) Or create an email address for these purpose only, Don't give out your primary e-mail address

Here are some other spam-fighting tips:
1. Protect your email address - treat it like your phone number (or use Yahoo Mail! AddressGuard™ - available only to our Yahoo! Mail Plus customers).
2. Use an email service that offers spam-fighting tools
3. Never send your password, credit card numbers, or other personal information in an email. Yahoo! will never ask you to send this type of information.
4 .Don't post your email address in public places (e.g., newsgroups, message boards, chat rooms) where spammers mine for email addresses.
5. Use a Disposable Email Address when posting online
6. Never respond to unsolicited email - this can alert the sender that your email address is valid.
7. Never click on a URL or web site listed in spam - this will also alert the sender that your email address is valid.
8. Never forward spam chain letters.
9. never unsubscribe from a spam - this will also alert the sender that your email address is valid.
10. To beat spammers, use a
a). long email address
b). consisting of more than one word and, preferably, word segments as well as numbers and an underscore.