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Samsung may offer free Note 8 for Note 7 buyers who downgraded to S7

Samsung may offer free Note 8 for Note 7 buyers who downgraded to S7 in New Zealand

Samsung recently recalled the infamous Samsung Galaxy Note 7 due to the battery problems which caused so many issues, Samsung galaxy Note 7 explosion cases reported – Worse than expected. After that samsung replaced the faulty sdevices with a green battery icon which did not solved the issues, Replaced Samsung Galaxy Note 7 catches fire and caused flight evacuation. Samsung recalled the device and stopped production. Samsung ran a full page apology on the wall street journal over the Galaxy Note 7.


via the verge

Reuters recently reported that Samsung will be announcing a special upgrade program in which the Samsung Note 7 users who trade the device for the Samsung flagship device Samsung galaxy S7 or Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge will have to pay just half of the price when the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be released. This confirms that Samsung will not be stopping the Note series flagship phones.

On a discussion on Reddit, tubbylardman who is from New Zealand  says a Samsung representative informed him that the people who downgraded to Samsung galaxy S7 from Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will get a FREE Samsung Galaxy Note 8.  he also says that Samsung New Zealand gave $500 back when customers returned Samsung Galaxy Note 7 for Galaxy S7. Read it here

This does not have any official clarifications, so this can be just a rumor too.