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Opera 30 released with sidebar extension support

Opera 30 released with sidebar extension support

Opera is one of the leading browsers. They were using their own browser engine earlier and later moved to chromium from version 15. The latest version 30 of this browser is based on the Chromium 43 browser engine. Opera is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

What is new on the Opera 30 ?

As you can see on the above picture, the Opera will now support extensions on the side bar. You can show/Hide the sidebar with Shift+Ctrl+S key combination, or from the Menu

Enable or disable sidebar

This feature helps you to use the extensions with out leaving your currently browsing page. Below you can see few extensions which will support sidebar.

Extensions supporting Sidebar


Google Keep Sidebar

TweetDeck sidebar

V7 Bookmarks

V7 Tabs

Musical Breaks.

There are more extensions supporting Opera sidebar.

When you use the Ctrl+Tab  to switch tab it will show the next tab and also a list of tabs opened so that you can easily select the required window. You may also choose it using the button displayed on the top.

Opera easy switching tabs

Trash folder on this browser will help you to restore bookmarks which are accidently deleted.

Read more about the latest Opera browser from the Opera Desktop blog here and if you are interested you can get Opera browser from