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OLALA 7500mAh Slide Power Bank [Review]

Today, we are going to be reviewing the OLALA 7500mAh Slide Power Bank for iPhones, iPods, iPads and Android devices.

Disclaimer: This review unit was sent to us from Olala. This has no impact on our testing methods and the outcome of the review.

Olala Powerbank review

OLALA 7500mAh Slide Power Bank Unboxing:

The Olala Power Bank which we received was a 7500mAh capacity one, and was shipped to our place from the U.S. The power bank's packaging was normal, in that it came in a sealed cardboard box. Inside it was the product's official carton, with the official labeling and other information.

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Once we opened the box, we found the Olala Power Bank, a small user manual, and a USB to micro-USB cable inside it. So, where is the Apple Lightning port compatible cable? Sliding the cover to the left, reveals a hidden compartment, where the iPhone compatible cable is housed. This was amazing, as we have not seen such a design in any other power bank.

Reference: I have two other power banks: one from Xiaomi and one from Huawei's Honor.

OLALA 7500mAh Slide Power Bank Technical Specifications:

  • Battery Capacity: 7500 mAh Li-Polymer
  • Input: 5V/2.0A (also same for the built-in connector)
  • Output: 5+/-0.2V, 2.4A (built-in connector has 1.0A)
  • Dimensions: 125. 5 x 73.5 x 17.3 mm
  • Weight: 208g
  • LEDs: 4 light indicators (blinks while charging and low power)
  • Model number: S75

OLALA 7500mAh Slide Power Bank Build Quality:

The power bank has a glossy mirror surface which has a UV coating. The finish looks really good. It does not have a unibody design, and neither is it made of metal. Instead, the power bank has a metallic finish on a plastic body on both the front and the back panel. The frame running around it, does seem to be metallic and is quite sturdy.

Olala Powerbank review 13

The build quality of the Olala Power bank is good, not great. This is mostly due to the sliding panel which, while very useful, made me a bit nervous, so I didn't accidentally break it. The power bank is very light, and can be carried around in your pocket or bag, or purse easily. Thanks to the iPhone charger cable present in the device, it is easy to carry it around without losing the cable. But, my only gripe is that the iPhone compatible cable is non-removable. Once you have used it, simply put the cable back in the compartment, and slide the cover back over it. So basically, you can not replace it with the micro-USB cable, in case you have an Android device (and don’t have any iOS device). That's okay I guess.

Olala Powerbank review 17

Speaking of which, though the Olala Power Bank's box says it is designed for iPod, iPhone and iPad, it is in fact compatible with Android devices, as mentioned on its Amazon listing. Our testing was focused on its compatibility with Android devices. But you can charge an Android device and an iOS device simultaneously using the cable and the built-in connector. There is a metallic button on the right side (check the first photo in this review), which acts as the power button, pressing which, will display the 4 LED lights on the device.The USB port (used for charging a phone) and the micro USB port (for charging the power bank) are on the right side of the LED lights.

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How we tested the OLALA 7500mAh Slide Power Bank:

We decided to test the power bank right out of the box, as I saw that it did have some charge in it by default. So I used it to charge our Redmi Note 3 which has a massive 4000mAh battery. We charged the phone from 9% battery, and an hour later, the phone was charged up to 55%. In the meantime, the Olala power bank's backup lights dropped from 4 solid lights to 2 lights (the other 2 lights were dimmer, with one of those shining a bit brighter).  Let's call these lights as points for ease of understanding. The phone was charged to 100% in just over 2 hours, with the power bank still showing around 2 points lights and a half lights left.

One thing I want to mention here is that while the phone got very slightly warm during the charging process, the power bank itself stayed cool. Similarly the power bank did not get warm while I was charging it. I used my Redmi Note 3's charger to charge the power bank, but you can use any micro-USB compatible charger, with a decent output value. The power bank was fully charged in about 4 and a half hours.

Next, I decided to test the standby time of the power bank. I charged it to full capacity and unplugged it, and left it unused for a whole day. Then I plugged in my Redmi Note 3 which was on 3% charge, and charged it to 100% in around 2 hours. After the second charge test, I left the power bank as it is for 2 days (it had 2 lights shining when I used it last), and at the moment of writing this article, it still has the same capacity. So, the standby time is amazing, and it is clear, that there is no wastage of power, when the device is not being used.


  • Great looks
  • Very slim
  • Light weight
  • Excellent standby time
  • No over heating
  • No over charging
  • No discharge during standby
  • Built-in iPhone/iPad/iPod charger cable


  • Design could have been a bit sturdier, especially for the slider.
  • iPhone charger cable is non-removable (not exactly a con, but I wish it allowed us to put the micro-USB cable inside).

Geekiest verdict:

Is the OLALA 7500mAh Slide Power Bank worth buying? We can definitely recommend it, thanks to its excellent standby time, and good charging speeds. The company claims that the OLALA 7500mAh Slide Power Bank, can be used for 500 discharge life-cycles. Of course this is impossible to test during a review. But our experience with it was nothing short of great.

You can buy the OLALA Power Bank (7500 mAh) from for $42.99.

Note: The Amazon link is a non-referral (non-affiliated) one. We do not gain anything when you make the purchase using the link.