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New Facebook Spam - Verify your Facebook account

New Facebook Verification Spam

Today I received a notification from my friend

Verify Facebook account notification 

First of all, if Facebook want you to verify your account, it will not come in notification section they will display it on the home screen itself.

When you open the link, you will get a screen on which will look like the first image, If you click “Click here to verify” it will ask you to give permission

Permission facebook verification spam 

if you give permission , it will ask you to verify your account by inviting your friends. and it want you to invite all your friends

verify all friends

When you send invitations it will ask you to verify your age by attending a survey

verify survey


If you have given permission to your account

1) Go to Privacy Settings.

privacy settings facebook

2) Scroll down to Apps and Websites and edit your settings.

Ads, Apps and Websites

3). click Remove unwanted or spammy apps or Edit Settings

Remove unwanted or spammy apps.

4) Remove the “Verify Your Account”

Remove unwanted or spammy apps, remove button