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New Google Chrome with track noisy tabs option

New Google Chrome with mute noisy tabs option

Google released version 32 of Google Chrome. The latest version have many changes and new features from the previous version.

chrome 31chrome 32

Chrome 32 will help you to track the noisy tabs. If you opened many tabs and you may not find from which one the sound is coming.  Now the new chrome will display a speaker image on the tab which will help you to easily find and mute them.

new chrome 32

It will also help you to find the tabs which will be using your webcam, or Casting to your TV with appropriate icons on the tabs.

noisy-tabs-cast noisy-tabs-webcam


The other Changes includes

Stronger malware warning

Can add supervised users – who can review the browsing history of users  by visiting

New look for Windows 8 Metro app

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