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Miyawaki Forest – Detailed How to Tutorial

Miyawaki Forest is a method of creating thick dense man made forests in a short time.

This method was developed by the Japanese botanist Akira Miyawaki (29 January 1928 - 16 July 2021).

You can watch a TED talk by Shubhendu Sharma about How to grow a forest in your backyard

Afforestt ( is an eleven-year-old company, and they prepared YouTube videos which will help you to understand the Miyawaki forestation method in detail.  They collected the amount to create the videos using the kickstarter. 

The YouTube playlist includes 11 videos and they covers the following topics

1. Introduction to forest making series.

2. Forest survey and Species list

3. Nursery setup and procurement of species

4. Site readiness check

5. Forest design Guidelines

6. Soil test and preparation

7. Soil Microbiology: Compost tea / Jeevamrut

8. Plantation and execution

9. Bill of materials  

10. Maintenance

11. Growth Monitoring

You can check the play list section of Afforestt where you can find the same tutorials in Hindi and Punjabi. Afforestt You tube channel

Main Advantages of the Miyawaki forest

The number of sapling per square meter will be much more than the conventional method of planting

You can implement it in a very small area like one cent or two cents of land too

The growth rate of the trees will be much much faster

After the initial stage the maintenance cost is too low (Miyawaki says No maintenance is the best maintenance)

One of the main concern about the Miyawaki forests is the cost. You need to spend a lot of money in the initial stage for Saplings, soil preparation, fertilizers, watering systems, Mulching etc.

If you want to learn about Miyawaki Forest creation methods in Malayalam you can try the Crowd Foresting You tube channel.