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Microsoft Surface RT & Pro 2 get certified in India, could be launched soon

Microsoft’s Windows tablets, the Surface RT, and the Surface Pro 2, could be launched in India soon.

Microsoft Surface RT

The tablets were released in the U.S in 2012, and 2013 respectively, but have only recently been spotted at the Bureau of Indian Standards’ website, suggesting that they could make their debit in the Country.

Here is the BIS website, where you can find the certificate listing (No:429) on page number 23.

Microsoft Surface Tablets BIS Listing

The model number 1516 refers to Surface RT, and 1601 refers to Surface Pro 2

There is no official information regarding when the tablets would be released,  and here is what a Microsoft spokesperson had to say about it:

"As per BIS processes, certification is mandatory for this category. For Microsoft, we do go through these processes from time-to-time, as part of any market assessment perspective. But, at this stage, we have no announcements to offer for launch timing of the said model or other models of Microsoft Surface in India."

This is not the first time Microsoft have shown interest in launching Windows tablets in India. Earlier this year, we reported about the company planning to launch budget Windows tablets, for as low as Rs.10,000.

They clearly see India, as one of the most promising markets in the World, and the fact that the spokesperson did not deny any future plans, suggests that it may only be a matter of time, before the Surface tablets make their way to the Indian market.