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Meta AI Chatbot in WhatsApp: How to Use It

Meta has introduced an innovative AI-powered chatbot for WhatsApp, promising to revolutionize how people interact on one of the world's most popular messaging platforms. This chatbot, known as Meta AI, is designed to be both helpful and engaging, offering a range of capabilities from answering questions to generating images based on user prompts.


A Powerful Tool at Your Fingertips

Meta AI is a versatile assistant, free to use, and available directly within the WhatsApp app. This integration allows users to easily access AI assistance without the need for additional apps or services. The primary purpose of Meta AI is to make WhatsApp conversations more productive and enjoyable. Users can ask questions, get recommendations, and discuss various interests with the chatbot. This feature can be especially useful for those seeking quick information or looking for new ideas and suggestions. For instance, you can ask Meta AI for book recommendations, cooking tips, or the latest news updates. The chatbot is currently available only in a few countries and supports English. Despite these limitations, its potential impact is significant, given WhatsApp's extensive global user base.

How to Start a Chat with Meta AI

To start a chat with Meta AI:


  1. Open WhatsApp and go to the Chats tab.
  2. Click on Meta AI.
  3. If prompted, read and accept the terms.
  4. Select a suggested prompt or type your own question.
  5. Click send.

The AI will generate a response based on your input, making each interaction unique and personalized.

How to Generate AI Images with Meta AI

One of the most exciting features of Meta AI is its ability to generate images. By typing a specific prompt, users can request the AI to create a visual representation of their idea. This can be particularly useful for creative projects, brainstorming sessions, or simply for fun.

To generate an AI image:

  1. Open the chat where you’d like to generate an AI image.
  2. Type @ in the message field, then click /imagine.
  3. Enter your text prompt in the message field.
  4. Click send.

Below is the AI image created using Meta AI with the prompt.

WhatsApp Image 2024-05-31 at 15.16.09WhatsApp Image 2024-05-31 at 15.16.10

The generated image will be displayed in the chat. For safety and transparency, the image will have an AI stamp indicating that it was generated by artificial intelligence. This measure is part of the safety protocols adopted by AI companies to ensure users are aware of the origin of AI-generated content.

For now, users in supported countries can enjoy the benefits of Meta AI, with the possibility of broader availability in the future. Whether you're looking to learn something new, get creative, or simply have an engaging chat, Meta AI on WhatsApp offers a powerful tool to enrich your messaging experience.