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Memory management for windows users

Memory Managment;)

If you are running multiple applications, it is better that you minimize the applications which you are not using. Also Minimize should be done using

1. Using the minimize button of the application
2. Right click on the application Title bar and choose Minimize
3. Right click on the Taskbar where the application name is showing and choose Minimize

These 3 methods are different than the other three ways that is the
1. "Show desktop" icon on your quick launch bar
2. Windows key+M
3. Windows key+D

If you are using the first three methods the applications will free some memory while the second set eill not do that

To test this

1. Open Task Manager
     a. Righ click on task bar and choose task manager
     b. Alt+Ctrl+Delete and choose Task Manager
2. Choose an application which is running in the Maximized mode
3. Note the Memory Usage (Mem Usage) by the application
4. try any of the methods mentioned in Group 2
5. Task manager also will minimize, maximize the task manager and check the status of the application, there will not be any change in the memory usage

6. Minimize the application using one of the methods from the Group 1
7. Now check the memory status, it will be reduced.

If you are using Firefox you may need to do some tweaks to release the memory, that method is here....