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Lockscreenify–Customize your Windows 8 Lock Screen

Lockscreenify lock screen

Lockscreenify is an application which will help you to bypass the limitations of customizing your windows 8 lock screen. This application can add widgets like Weather, Calendar, Notes , stock, Your favorite sports team etc. to your lock screen. You can see a sample lock screen above.

You can install the application from the Windows App Store, here is the link. After installation you can customize the lock screen. Just wanted to tell you that this application is not really adding widgets to your lock screen, they are creating image with these widgets and setting that as the lock screen background. Lockscreenify will do this every 15 minutes so that the lock screen will have the up to date data. So you will have to allow to run the application in the background.

allow to run in background

Setting it up

Step 1 -  Select a template

Lockscreenify Pick Template

While selecting a template you can see which all widgets are used on that template.

Step 2 - Configure the Widgets

Lockscreenify  configure data

Configure the widgets by adding data. Choose your City for weather, Add notes, Choose the calendar design (3 designs are available)

Step 3 -  Choose a background

choose background

Choose Images or solid colors as your lock screen background. You may add a blur effect to the background you have chosen too.

On the settings section you can choose whether the weather unit should be in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

Lockscreenify  weather unit

This application have advertisements, while you can remove it buy paying $5.99

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