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Huawei P10 to be launched at MWC 2017, could feature Dual front cameras

Huawei has officially confirmed that the P10 exists, by announcing the launch date of the device. The Huawei P10 will be launched on February 26th, at the Mobile World Congress 2017 tech show, in Barcelona.

The video teaser for the Huawei P10 suggests that the phone could feature Dual rear cameras. There are two clues in the video. The first are the words, Change the way the world sees you. This suggests something to do with photography. The word “you”  and the eyes in the video, however suggests the photo of the user, but people don’t normally use the rear cameras to take photos of themselves. So, this could mean only one thing, dual selfie cameras.

But this is not surprising in the slightest, considering that the previous flagship phone, the Huawei P9, had Dual rear camera lenses. The Chinese phone manufacturer had worked with Leica, a German camera manufacturer, for co-engineering the dual lens for the P9, and it is likely that history repeats itself with the Huawei P10. Huawei is also using the same hashtag “#OO”, which it did for the P9’s dual lens, to  promote the Huawei P10. So it is without a doubt there will be dual rear/front cameras on the phone.