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How to hack Yahoo email passwords ? How to secure your yahoo account


Your email account  password may be strong (a long, mixed with Capital, Small, Integer, Special characters etc) but is that secure ?  let me come up with an example

1. I reached forgot password page

2. Entered Yahoo Id and Captcha image

3. It may ask to send link to alternative email address, select the alternative option (go for security questions)

and here comes the security question it can be your mothers maiden name, your place of birth etc, if you answer it sincerely , you may be in trouble, one can guess this answer more easily than your password. If you are sharing these details on your Social profiles like Orkut, facebook etc, you really in trouble. I prefer you change  the security questions with fake answers (may be other two passwords Smile )

I just changed the password of Shiyon

First security question - Answer from his social media profile


Second security question the answer I guessed easily because I know he is a big fan of A R Rahman


Here comes the change password screen


I changed the password and here is the next screen


Here I can change any of the details and he will not be able to access the account any more.

Change your Security question answers to something which others cant guess.

Shiyon changed his, now it is your turn Smile

Here is how you can change yahoo security questions and passwords them

1. Click on "Account Info"


2.  Enter your password again

3. Click " Update password-reset info" under "Sign-In and Security"



4. Click "Change Questions and Answers"  under "Secret Questions"



5. Change the questions and answers and click Save



This article is to show you how to make your account credentials strong, not to use it for hacking somebody else account.