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How to get Flipkart Plus Membership for FREE and what is new

Earlier when I was checking the Flipkart Plus section it was showing a screen like below

Flipkart Plus Membership Changes

Today when I opened Flipkart Plus zone (In app it was displaying the same old screen as above and I had to clear App cache to get the new screen), there are so many changes let me list few

1. Earlier we were getting Plus coins, now what we will get is Super coins. One Plus coin will be converted to 10 Super coins

2. If you collected 300 Super coins (30 Plus Coins previously) in an year your Flipkart Plus Membership will be renewed automatically. The main point is that they will not deduct any coins from your account for the renewal (totally FREE)

FREE Flipkart Plus Membership

3. You will get 4 Super coins (2 for Non Plus Members)  for every INR 100 you spend on Flipkart (Maximum Super coins on a single order will be limited to 100 for Plus members and 50 for Non plus members)

4. Super coins will get expired after one year

5. You can make payments using the Super coins (Details are yet to know), we will have to wait till July 12, 2019 to know the full details.

Pay with Flipkart super coins

As of now not much offers under plus zone now, Flipkart says more on the way.

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