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How to Become an Early Tester for Google's New AI Video Generation Tool, Veo

Google recently announced a groundbreaking tool named Veo, designed to generate videos longer than a minute based on text prompts. This innovative tool functions similarly to text-to-image generators, but with the added complexity of creating dynamic video content. While Veo isn't available to the public yet, there are ways for certain users to gain early access.

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Veo, Google’s latest video generation tool, will be accessible through Google Labs. However, there's a limitation: only a select group of "trusted testers" will have the opportunity to use this tool initially. This is not unusual for Google, as they often limit early access to new technologies to a smaller, controlled group of users. This allows them to gather valuable feedback and improve the tool before a broader release.

To try out Veo, users will need to go through VideoFX, which is the platform where Veo and Imagen 3 can be tested. Imagen 3 is Google’s updated model for text-to-image generation, showcasing their continuous advancements in AI capabilities. By opening up Veo to creators and artists, Google aims to enhance the model through extensive real-world testing. The feedback from these users will help refine the tool, making it more reliable and effective.


During the announcement, Google emphasized the importance of involving creators and artists in this testing phase. The goal is to leverage their creativity to improve Veo. By testing the tool with a wide variety of prompts, these users will help the model learn and grow. This crowdsourced approach to development is expected to address some of the current weaknesses observed in the tool. For instance, during initial demonstrations, Veo showed potential but also had some noticeable issues. Backgrounds would sometimes change abruptly, and areas requiring high detail lacked consistency. These are the kinds of problems that Google hopes to solve with extensive user feedback.

How to Get Early Access to Veo?

For content creators and artists interested in becoming a private tester for Veo, the process to apply is straightforward. Google has set up a portal where interested individuals can submit their information. Here's how you can sign up:

  1. Visit the website
  2. Fill in your details and submit the form.

It's a simple process, but it's important to note that Google will review submissions on a rolling basis. They will grant access to those they deem suitable, based on their trust and relevance to the tool's development.

However, there is no certainty about how many people will get the opportunity to try Veo before it is released to the public. The timeline for a public release is also unclear. It could potentially take a year or more before Veo becomes a part of Google’s broader offerings, such as being integrated into Gemini or made available through VideoFX.

In summary, Veo represents an exciting advancement in AI-driven content creation. By allowing a select group of creators and artists to test the tool, Google aims to refine and improve it through practical use. This method ensures that when Veo does become publicly available, it will be a robust and reliable tool for generating video content from text prompts. For now, those interested in participating in its development can apply through Google’s trusted tester program, contributing to the evolution of this promising technology.