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Guardians of the Skies – Official Indian Air Force 3D Air Combat Mobile Game

Guardians of the Skies–Android Game from Indian Air Force

Indian Air Force released an official Air combat mobile game on android platform to attract the youth to air force. The games is claimed to be the most realistic air combat game available now.

"It is indeed a significant milestone in our consorted campaign to connect to the best of the boys and the girls among the nation's youth and motivate them to join the air force so as to become great patriotic men and women ready to serve the country in any situation," said Air Marshal S Sukumar while launching the game.

As of now the game is available only on Android. The game requires Android 2.0.1 or higher and download size is 44MB.


Very Realistic Mission Profiles

Highly detailed aircraft models and other assets

Featuring fighters, transport and helicopter aircraft of the IAF

Easy to learn training mission for new flyers

Ten Operational Missions featuring various IAF roles

Advanced air combat depictions with modern air to air and air to ground weapons

Uncluttered Head Up Display optimized to display relevant information

Optimized for low to medium end smartphones

It is expected to be launched for Windows phones on July 15, 2014 and later on iOS devices too.

Update: The game "GUARDIANS" is available for the Windows Phones too now.





Watch the video below

Download it for Windows phones from here and Android devices from  Google play store