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Giveaway - Airy AntiSpyware Pro 2013 Family license worth USD 99

Giveaway - Airy AntiSpyware Pro full version license worth USD 69

Airy AntiSpyware is a comprehensive security tool which have free and pro versions available. It have Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, Anti-Malware and Anti-Trojan. It also have a Firewall, cloud identification too. This tool is really handy security tool.

Installation is simple, there is nothing much to take care while installing just choose the installation directory and proceed.

Airy AntiSpyware Pro 2013 Installation

On the first run it will update the database which will need and internet connection and will take some time according to your internet speed.

Airy AntiSpyware Database update

It have 4 Sections

1. System Detection

2. System Manager

3. Advanced Functions

4. More utilities

System Detection

1. Memory Scan will scan all the programs and processes loaded in to the memory. It have two options available like cloud comprehensive scanning and simple mode. The comprehensive mode will take time and will need to have an internet connection


Comprehensive scanning


Simple Scanning


2. Disk Scan will scan your Hard disc, you can choose from Quick, Full or Custom scans. It also includes two virus removal tools for Virus (Virus.Win32.KUKU/Sality Removal tool and Virus.Win32.Virut Removal Tool)

Airy Antispyware Disk Scan

3. Submit files- you can submit any suspicious files using this facility. Airy will check the file and will add to their database if they are threats.


System Manager

Airy Anti spywareSystem Manager

1. Inspect Process it will help you to manage the process and even terminate one process if you need.

2. Inspect Startup will show the programs which will be run on startup, you can delete the unwanted applications and increase the boot speed.

3. Inspect Services - Manage system services you can start/stop a service, change the start type

4. White list will help you to run a suspicious application which you know it is safe.

Advanced Functions

Airy Anti Spyware Advanced Functions

1. Quarantine

2. System Repair this is having some option to fix issues created by Trojan. like you may not be able to show the hidden files etc.

Airy System Repair

3. Enhanced Uninstall will help you to uninstall a program which you may failed to uninstall using the normal procedure

4. ARP Bundle, this bundle of gateway IP and MAC address enables you to avoid network failures caused by ARP attack


More Utilities

Airy utilities

1. IE repair will help you to fix IE issues

2. Network Status - check status

3. Assistant Tools

Airy Assistant Tools

File Shredder will help to remove a file permanently. which will not be recovered using the file recovery programs.

File Extraction helps to extract and analyze a zip file content for suspicious objects

Other tools will connect to the system utilities

system utilities 

Airy Antispyware have a free and PRO version available. You can compare the Products below

Airy AntiSpyware Free and Pro comparisson

Compare the Free and Pro edition and Get the Free Airy AntiSpyware

Airy AntiSpyware Pro

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