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Giants: Citizen Kabuto Game –DRM FREE Game for FREE

Giants Citizen Kabuto Game –DRM FREE Game for FREE

Giants: Citizen Kabuto is a game released in 2000 by Planet Moon Studios for Microsoft Windows. It is a third person shooter game with real time strategy elements.

The game world of Giants is set on a fictional "Island" traveling through space. Its surface comprises grasslands, deserts, and forests, surrounded by azure seas. Players have an unobstructed view of the game world to its horizon; whereas distant objects are slightly blurred to convey a sense of distance. Missions for Meccaryns provide cover to hide behind, large spaces of water for Reapers, and creatures for Kabuto to eat.

You need to choose one from the three humanoid races (gun-toting Meccaryns, magic-wielding Sea Reapers, and the gigantic Kabuto) and will be controlling a character to complete missions. Each mission will require some objective to be finished.

Meccaryns – uses Guns, Explosives. A group of 5 members and user will be playing as role of Baz, the team leader.


Sea Reapers – Swimmers, regains health in contact with water, Piranhas in the water will not attack them. uses swords, bows, and spells.

giants_citizen_kabuto-Sea Reaper

Kabuto – a giant powerful monster created by reapers


The game CD will cost around INR 1500 on Amazon India while you can get the game for FREE from GOG using this link. This is a limited time offer and you will need to have a GOG account to claim it. If you do not have an account create one for free, there will be more game giveaways coming.

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