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Get your photos printed on Corning Gorilla Glass–MASTERPIX now available in India

Get your photos printed on Gorilla Glass

Corning, the company creating the famous Gorilla Glass which protects many smart phones will allow you to get your photos printed on the Corning Gorilla Glass.The service named MASTERPIX which was earlier available in United states only.The service was launched in United states two years back. Corning announced that now the service will be available for Indian users too.

We are excited to launch MASTERPIX in India. Consumers in the region can now have stunning photographs that will last more than a lifetime printed on optically clear, stain-resistant Gorilla Glass,"

-- Amit Bansal (Corning India President )

The photos will be printed on a thin gorrilla Glass which is scratch and stain resistant. UV-cured inks are used for the printing. To create a MASTERPIX a 4 layer process need to be completed.


First layer is a primer will adhere to the back surface of the Gorilla Glass  and Second layer is where the image is printed using UV-cured ink on the primed layer. For opacity and contrast white ink is used on the third layer and anti-splinter film is applied to protect the inks from scratches and hold the glass together in the event of breakage on the fourth layer.


4x6 Glossy finish printing will cost INR 629 while the same size with Matte printing will cost INR 819. Bigger sizes are also available and will cost you more.

Visiting cards are also available on Corning Gorilla glass, which will cost INR 13,499 for 100 cards.

The price mentioned above are excluding shipping charges. When I tried to order one 4x6 print they added INR 75 as shipping charge, this may vary based on your state I think.

Masterpix fine glass prints in India shipping charge


Buyers can return damaged products with in 30 days from the date of purchase.

You can read more and order your Prints of Corning Gorilla Glass from MASTERPIX India website