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Get 2GB Google Drive storage space permanently for FREE

Would you like to get a free 2GB Google Drive storage space for free? This space will be available permanently.  To get this offer what you will have to do is just complete a security checkup of your Google account.

1.  Verify your recovery information such as Phone number, alternate email etc.

Recovery Info

2. Check recent account activity

Recent Activity

3. Check account permissions (Remove if any unwanted app permissions are there)

Account permissions

4. If you enabled two step verification, verify your application passwords.

App passwords

That is all you will need to do, Google will add 2Gb of additional space to your Google drive.

All security checkup done

Here is the link to verify your security settings.

Few Things to consider

Do this before 17th February 2015

The additional space will be added around 28th February 2015, and you will receive an email when it is done for your account

Google Apps for Work and Google Apps for Education users are not eligible for the bonus storage

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