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Geekiest Giveaway Fortnight - Day 3 - Zevera Downloader Review and Giveaway of 30 licenses


Today, on the 3rd day of Geekiest Giveaway Fortnight, we are giving away 30 one month premium accounts of Zevera Downloader.

Zevera Downloader is an all-in-one Powerful Downloader application which helps in downloading from more than 20 supported file hosting websites and also makes file organizing easy.

Supported file sharing hosters:,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Soon - To - Be Supported file sharing hosters:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Using Zevera you can download in multiple parallel streams with automatic file extraction and much more. You can also organize your files into folders, save information for these files like passwords and images.

With Zevera Downloader’s Library Explorer manage these files easily without using Windows file explorer. Zevera Downloader is not a simple downloader. It helps organizing your movies, music, TV shows, applications and others easy and fast.

Zevera Downloader FEATURES:

-Working 100 % with all supported file hosting websites Simultaneous download up to 8 files
-Input a whole list of links at once
-64 Bit Support!
-Categories Folder Manager
-Search movies, rapidshare mp3, rapidshare album, music, PlayStation games, applications, erotica, TV shows, E-books and games to download!
-Media Organizer
-Media Explorer that searches also in all subdirectories (for media files like mp3, avi etc.)
-Working with complete database system
-Automatic extractor (RAR files)
-Media Player and Media Preview is embedded for easy and fast organization of your files 
-Download History reports
-User Roles & User Login
-Database system is also working in network
-automatic update checks
-Skin chooser and gallery
-Easy to use!

Zevera Downloader is an advanced edition of RapidBIT rapidshare downloader. It was designed especially for multiple website support unlike its ancestor RapidBIT which is a very powerful downloader but only for Rapidshare links.


The main screen of Zevera Downloader which operates similarly to the most popular downloaders like Rapidshare downloader.


The Media Explorer of Zevera Downloader which creates automatic folders helping you to organize your files easily and quickly.


Zevera functions in three different ways:
a) It is an intermediary between you and the hosting websites allowing you to directly download files stored on the server of these hosters  at a high speed.
b) Zevera is also a file hosting website which means that you can upload files and share files with others. Have your important files and backups available from anywhere in the world.
c) Zevera is an anonymous proxy server which enables you to visit any websites you want completely anonymously.

The latest version of Zevera Downloader is 4.2.
Requirements: Windows 2000, XP or Vista or 7.
.NET Framework 2.0 and SQL Compact Database Setup is included in the Zevera Downloader setup.

The application can be download from the Official Website: