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Geekiest Giveaway 13 - Ashampoo Snap 6

Ashampoo Snap 6 free full version licenses

Ashampoo Snap 6 is a cool screen capture utility, which offers many options like Screen Capturing,  record screen videos, free style screen capture, and many more features.

To capture the screenshot of your screen, you  can use print screen button for that so you will not need any software for doing this. Softwares for screen capturing is needed when you want something additional, say take screen shot of a specific region, scrolling window, menu, screen record etc..

Ashampoo snap 6 have all the features you will need


1. Capture Scrolling windows

ashampoo snap 6 scrolling window screen shot

You set an area and click the  area you selected will be captured with the scrolling page content. If you want to take a screenshot of web pages, this is the feature you may want to use, since you can choose the regions you can easily avoid ads, menus etc. too

2. Capture Menus

Menu capture

Helps to capture menus, which need a delay or click, to pop it out. This is really helpful.

3. Free style

You can choose any shape for your capture

freezone image capture

4. Timer

Allows to create screen shot after a delay can be 10 to 30 seconds.

5. Capture video

cature video

While recording the screen, the video and audio codec settings are customizable including framerate, format and bitrate. Sound recording is supported through any available Windows recording device.

6. Color Picker

It is just an additional functionality which will copy the color code to clipboard.

7. Editor

Ashampoo Snap6 includes an editor, which also allows to share the Photos and videos via Email. It also will share the photos via Facebook, upload to a web, videos can be easily shared to YouTube etc.

The following picture can show you an overall functionalities

Ashampoo snap 6 overview functions

Read more about Ashampoo Snap 6 From here


Thank you Angela for sharing the keys for giving away.

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