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GOM Player – Free media player latest version released

GOM player is a free media player that support almost all types of files such as FLV,MKV,AVI,WMV,MOV and more. Also it can play Broken files or the file that is being downloaded. Its really a powerful future rich program for advanced users those who seek quality at its best.



What’s New in version

* Fixed an issue with the  MPEG source filter.

* Supports 10bit AVC files.

* Fixes a playback speed control issue with WMV files.

* Improved FLV playback.

* Snapshot preview shortcut added.

* Improved playback speed control(0.2x - 16x).

* Misc bug fixes and Changes.


* 100% free.

* Supports almost every popular video formats(FLV, WMV, AVI,MP4 and more) by default.

* A - B repeat(Loop sections of video/audio)

* Allow you to take screenshots while watching the video

* ‘Audio capture’ feature allow you to save a video’s audio as an mp3 format.

* Add Video effect to the video you are watching and more advanced features.

* You can customize your GOM interface with loads of skins by downloading skins from GOM media player website.

* ‘Codec finder’ service help you to search for video codecs that are not supported by GOM media player by default. So that you can watch all types of files with this player.





You can read more and download this feature rich advanced media player from its official Website!