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Free game for Android - LEGO BIONICLE

LEGO BIONICLE–Free game for Android

LEGO is a line of toys manufactured by the Lego group. Now the company launched a BIONICLE game on the Play store which you can download for free. The game includes 6 characters

Tahu (Master of Fire)

Kopaka (Master of Ice)

Onua (Master of Earth)

Gali (Master of Water)

Pohatu (Master of Stone)

Lewa (Master of Jungle)

Each hero will have his special moves. There are 74 arenas to play and 100 100 customizable pieces of Mask of power to collect All these characters will be available on the starting stage of the game, that is you will not have to wait to unlock few characters. The game offers is suggested for age above 8 years and

No extra in-app purchases

No third party advertisements

No links to external online content

Light reading skills required for story content

Interested ? get the game from the Google play sore

Requires Android 4.0.3 and up and download size is 277MB.