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Data Recovery Wizard –A free data recovery utility for Windows from EaseUS


We have covered many utilities which can recover your precious data after accidental delete, virus infection or format to save a lot of time. We also have conducted giveaways of many famous data recovery software full version licenses too. This time we are covering a data recovery software free from EaseUS.

The application while installing will remind you about this but before proceeding let us have a look on the main point while installing it,

Do not install it on the same drive where you want to recover data from

When you save a recovered file which also should not be on the same partition where the file was


There are  situations we can easily handle like, either we moved the files to the recycle bin or we have a backup it will be easy to recover the files needed (We always recommend you do have a backup system for your critical files and folders), but what will happen if you have removed the file from the recycle bin and do not have a backup of the file or folder, there comes the recovery software. Do you know that deleted file recovery is really possible if you have not written anything to the file locations. So If you want to recover files or folders reduce the write to the hard disc as much as possible.

File recovery using this application is really easy and anyone can use this utility with out any issues in 3 steps

3 step data recovery

Launch the application, select the location where you need to look (xcan choose a drive or a specific location) and click Scan


After scanning you can recover the data, you may filter the result with file types. Deep scan will take more time but will recover as much as data it can.

scan result

This software will allow you to preview the files recovered, so that you can confirm it is the file which is you are looking for. Just select the files you need and click Recover.


EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard have three versions available, other than the FREE version there are PRO and Technician versions also. The FREE version of this utility have a limitation for amount of data to be recovered (2GB). Still we believe this file can be a life saver. Compare the version features


Watch the following Video

If you are interested go ahead and get the utility for Free from the website.

If you can help EaseUs to translate the application you can get a Full version software for Free, More details