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Free Android Apps worth more than $160 on Amazon Store

Free Android Apps worth USD 100 on Amazon Store

Amazon Appstore is giving away 31 android applications for free for just two days (Saturday – 28/06/2014 and Sunday 29-06-2014). If you install Amazon Appstore on your device you can also get a paid application for free everyday. So if you are an Android user it is good to have Amazon Appstore installed. This include organizers, Calendars, games, file managers,  Backup software etc. All together you will be receiving android applications worth $167.24.

The Applications available for free are

Free Android applications worth USD 100

Plex ($4.99)

Notepad+ ($0.99)

Wedding Dash Deluxe ($0.99)

AccuWeather Platinum ($2.99)

Root Explorer ($3.99)

Sudoku 10'000 Plus ($2.49)

Informant 3 ($9.99)

Business Calendar ($4.99)

EZ Money Manager ($9.95)

aCalendar+ ($3.99)

Travel Interpreter ($9.99)

MyBackup Pro ($4.99)

Loco Motors ($1.99) Lab PRO - professional photo editor with lots of beautiful effects, frames and filters ($2.99)

Jump Desktop (RDP & VNC) ($9.99)

MobiLearn Talking Phrasebook, English-French-German-Italian-Spanish ($9.99)

Splashtop Remote Desktop HD ($8.99)

2Do: Todo List | Task List ($6.99)



CLARC ($4.99)

CrossMe Premium ($4.95)

Card Wars - Adventure Time ($3.99)

Dr. Panda’s Bus Driver ($2.99)

Drungeon Village ($4.41)

Sonic The Hedgehog 2 ($2.99)

The Room Two (Kindle Tablet Edition) ($2.99)

Ravensword: Shadowlands ($6.99)

Pinball Deluxe Premium ($2.99)

PUZZINGO Puzzles (Pro Edition) ($14.99)

Real Shanghai Mahjong ($2.20)

League of Heroes Premium ($2.99)

Enigmatis: The Ghosts of Maple Creek ($2.99)

Amazon android applications free for two days

You can see the list of all 31 applications and get them for free from here. Go ahead and grab them all.
Also  you can get a game MacGyver Deadly Descent worth $2.99 for free from the amazon app store other than listed above. here is the link (this is a single day offer)

Thank you Ashwin.