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Flipkart launches the new iPod Touch

iPod has been one of the oldest and most popular music players around. It evolved into a media device from just a normal music player a few years back and started sporting a camera. The only disadvantage that may come with iPod to some users is the lack of calling facility but it was never intended for that purpose.


Apple some time back had launched the new generation of iPod touch music players running with the latest IOS version 7. Well guys the wait is over for it as flipkart has officially announced the availability of iPod Touch devices. You can check it out here and its listed as forthcoming and available for pre-order. The release date is 7th August and you can pre-order it currently at the above link. The price is Rs.16900 currently but I suspect in the coming days flipkart may offer some good deals and discounts on it specially for Flipkart Student and Flipkart First account holders.

Here are some of the key features of the new iPod Touch:-

  • 16 GB Memory
  • 4 inch Retina Display
  • MP4 Player
  • 5 MP iSight Camera
  • Dual-core A5 Chip
  • A customized loop to safe keep your device*.

The device is available in a variety of colours including golden-yellow, blue, pink, grey, and silver.

Please note that the iPod touch comes with a proprietary charging port known as the lightning port and is different from the normal micro-USB charging port found on most phones. You need to buy a separate adapter for it.  This port was made so that they could make the iPod even slimmer.

*Also note that the customized loop is not free in the 16GB model but only in the 32GB and 64GB model. As of yet 64GB and 32GB models have not been announced by flipkart.


The biggest advantage with an iPod touch is that it runs  on iOS 7. The specifications also seem very decent if not mind blowing. It will be a must buy for all the Apple fans and enthusiasts but I have always felt Apple should price their products cheaper. iOS is a very lucrative market to develop apps as well, so aspiring developers can use this device for that purpose as well. Anyways I have used an iPod Touch before and it has a very good music quality and plays all the mids and tones well, something which many android handsets perform quite bad at.