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Digsby is using your CPU cycles and do you know that ?

Am sharing this to you just because it was a new thing for me. If you are using Digsby the multiple chat client, they may be using your idle CPU cycles to solve distributed computing problems. Earlier i have written How to avoid their too many add and other products while installing digsby here.

I am now looking for a new multi protocol chat client which will have the features of digsby. I dont have any issues with the CPu usage but the thing is that it was not known. How many of you read Terms and Conditions ?

You can de activate this feature, but that is hidden in the Help menu.

Read More here

1. Download Squad

2. Life Hacker

3. cnet

Ofcource read Disby’s post also as a reply to life hacker

Time to say Good bye to Digsby i think.

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