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Contacts Optimizer - a contacts manager app for Android

 Contacts Optimizer

Before writing more about this application, just one thing. The first line in the description of this application says

Download while it is still free for a few more days...

So they may be going to make it a paid app, so get the application before that, if you are interested.

This application will help you to manage your contacts. The features are

Find and Remove duplicate contacts

Merge contacts between accounts

Format phone numbers

Find incomplete contacts

Clean the empty fields

Add international prefixes to numbers

Find the numbers not saved to contact list  from the messages.

Mass Delete contacts

Contacts Optimizer - a contacts manager app for Android

Contacts Optimizer - toolbox

The chances of duplicate contacts will be high if you have saved many in to your contact list. Contacts Optimizer can find them easily and can also remove them for you with ease.  If you have more than one accounts you can easily merge them and then find and remove the duplicate to have a clean and tidy contact list.

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