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Android Application giveaway - Calendar+ Note Everything

Android Application giveaway - Calendar  Note Everything 

Calendar is an android application which, as the name says is a calendar application but also have many more features like

Taking Notes

Keep a to do list




It also supports

Sync with your Google calendar

Import your friends’ birthdays from Facebook and contact

Agenda/Month/Week view

Diary - notes and photos

Daily Horoscope

Sharing with friends

You can get a life time subscription for free just today via App of the day. To get the life time subscription you can use the Promotion code from appoftheday on the settings of Calendar+.

Calendar+ is not only a simple calendar but also your powerful assistant which synchronizes with your Google calendars! What’s more, you can import your friends’ birthdays from Facebook or contact by one-click! Combining calendar, unlimited note, alarm, Weather, Must-remember events, To-do list and festival, Calendar Plus is designed to be your best cloud storage.

Here is the Play store link to Calendar+ and App of the day