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Book a OnePlus Invitation NOW

Book a Oneplus 2 Invite

Are you looking for the OnePlus 2 to launch and want to buy one ? You can now book an invitation which will help you to buy the OnePlus 2.

Here is the link, at the bottom of the page you can enter your email address and add your email to the reservation list. I just signed up and mine is 2281. I believe I will get an invitation with out this because I own a OnePlus One and OnePlus announced that they will give priority to the OnePlus One owners Smile

Normally you will get an invitation from one who bought the OnePlus 2. The invites are normally valid for 24 hours only,

Invites are typically valid for 24 hours, and you’ll see how much time you have left to use one once you’ve claimed it. For invites to share, you typically have 1-2 weeks to send them to friends and family!

OnePlus 2 invitation request

So if you like to buy OnePlus 2, this is the right time to book an OnePlus 2 invitation.

As this is shown on the OnePlus India website also , we believe that it will be for India too.

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