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Assassin’s Creed Pirates for the Web gets a free to play demo from Ubisoft & Internet Explorer

French game publisher Ubisoft, have teamed up with Microsoft Internet Explorer, to release a free to play demo of their popular iOS game, Assassin's  Creed Pirates.

Assassins Creed Pirates Web

The game lets you play as Captain Alonzo Batilla, in what is actually just a race. You have to steer your ship through the given path whilst avoiding the obstacles.

The controls are a bit wonky when you play on  a regular computer, as the game is actually designed for Touch screen devices. The game was built using the Babylon.JS open source framework, and runs on most modern browsers. So you can play this on any browser. For testing purposes we tried them out on IE and Firefox.

Despite the fact that it was designed for Internet Explorer 11, we had a terrible experience playing the game on it.

Here is a video of ACP played on IE.

Notice the terrible frame rate?

And here is a video of the game played on the same computer, using Firefox.

This was a much smoother experience than IE. One good thing to note however, is that the game detects your display settings and scales accordingly to fit your screen.

You can’t go wrong with free, so go ahead and give it a shot at the ACP’s Official Website.