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Amazon Prime Video is now available in India (Desktop, Android, iOS), free for existing Prime subscribers

Amazon Prime Video is now available in India. The news was announced by Amazon India today. The video streaming service costs Rs. 499 per year, as an introductory price.

Amazon Prime Video India

But existing Prime subscribers will get the Amazon Prime Video subscription for free, as Amazon India uses a unifiied system for its Fast Delivery and Video services.

Amazon Prime Video New Films

Now, coming to Amazon Prime Video, you can watch TV shows and Movies in English and regional languages, on any device you have, be it a Windows or Mac computer, an Apple iPhone or iPad, an Android phone or tablet. For computers, you just need to visit the Prime Video website, using a modern browser which is capable of playing HTML5 videos, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc. On Android and iOS devices, download the app, and login to your Amazon account to avail an existing Prime subscription, or try it free for 30 days.

Amazon Prime Video does have some latest movies like Kabali, and TV shows like Mr. Robot, but the library itself is quite small compared to Netflix. You can’t download videos from Amazon Prime Video, but you can stream unlimited videos for a one-time fee.

Amazon Prime Video Mr.Robot

Depending on your device and network speed, Amazon Prime Video automatically selects the video streaning quality, The Amazon Prime Video web player does have support for subtitles (optional), and a few basic video watching options.

Amazon Prime Video Player

We found many old classic movies on Amazon Prime Video, which is great news. And the service does offer a genre wise gallery for selecting movies and tv shows.

Amazon Prime Video classic movies[3]


And the service does offer a genre wise gallery for selecting movies and tv shows.

 Amazon Prime Video Two and a half men

You may not find F.R.I.E.N.D.S or The Big Bang Theory on Amazon Prime Video, but some alternatives like Two and a Half Men will bring a smile to your face.