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Agnitum updates its Outpost products to a new version (9.0)




As of December-19, 2013 St Petersburg (Russia) headquartered Agnitum has released an update to version 9.0 for the following products:

Outpost Security Suite Pro 9.0 (4535.670.1937)
Outpost Firewall Pro 9.0 (4535.670.1937)
Outpost Antivirus Pro 9.0 (4535.670.1937)


Following are the major improvements over the previous version:

1. One can now install and run Outpost even in Windows Safe mode, thereby making it easy to removes malwares from an infected system.

2. One can now install and run Outpost on an infected system and remove malwares during installation.

3. Ability to create Agnitum Live Disk, aka, a bootable rescue CD/USB using Agnitum Live Disk utility. The Live Disk will help remove the malwares from infected system and help install Outpost in a normal fashion.

4. URL BlackList has undergone a major upgrade. With a new URL processing algorithm it now allows Outpost to protect users against accessing fraudulent websites.


Visit the Agnitum link below to buy/update the product(s).