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Adobe Reader 9.1 Light

I have installed the Adobe reader 9.1 light version and before that i uninstalled the adobe 9.1 reader.

the full version took 221 MB on the hard disc and the light version took just 70 MB

AdobeReader 9.1

AdobeReader 9.1 Light


Removed features and plugins not needed by average users.
Autorun and desktop shortcuts removed .
Start menu shortcut converted to non-advertised.
Removed Beyond Adobe and License Agreement popups.
Removed all auto-update features.
Removed AcroRd32Info.exe therefore no errors filling up the event log.
Form filling allowed.
Disabled the make Adobe Reader better dialog-box and "Create PDF using" from the toolbar.
Cosmetic changes and removal of some other unneeded features.

Check it you can see the download links also there

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