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Trick or Treat Halloween theme for Windows

Trick or Treat is a Halloween theme for Windows from microsoft. This theme have 5 wallpapers Dress up your desktop for Halloween with the cheerfully glowing jack-o'-lanterns and sweet candy treats in this free Windows theme. Theme supports ... [More]

Windows theme for Bicycle lovers - Bicycle Ride theme

Bicycle Ride theme is a cool beautiful Windows theme which is having 9 beautiful wallpapers which you can see below. If you are a Bicycle lover you will love these wallpapers and this theme. The wallpapers are by the Photographer Yang Ming-Huang who ... [More]

Chinese New Year Windows theme - Best of Bing

Chinese newyear 2013 started on Sunday, February 10 . Each Chinese year make shift in the Zodiac and this year is of Snake. Microsoft released a new theme for windows on the Chinese new year which includes 9 wallpapers Hot pink pin wheels, brig... [More]

Ramadan Kareem Windows 7 Theme and Wallpapers

First of all Geekiest.Net wish you all Ramadan Kareem. Earlier we have posted (2 years back) about a windows 7 theme which Microsoft released on Ramadan. That one is removed from Microsoft website now, so we thought about sharing it again. This wind... [More]